What? Work harder? Since when?

Well it turns out that the more you vacuum your new carpets, the longer they will last.

Here is the logic…

It is all about “uglying out.” Most carpets never reach their full usage potential since they do not wear out, they ugly out. Carpet is the lowest part of the home, therefore it collects the grit, grease and grime from daily living. If this was your hair you would clean it every day but we forget that not only is your carpet holding all of the household dirt, we are walking on it and grinding it in.

Don’t you feel sorry for what is essentially yarn? When commercial building managers changed their maintenance schedules from 3 times a week to once a week they often found whatever labor savings they achieved were outweighed by the “uglying” out of the flooring.

Pull out your flooring invoice and consider this: Can I vacuum my carpet periodically or would I rather give Barry this money again not to say feeding his big scary installers cookies and milk when they come in to replace my floors?

Vacuum at least weekly and have a truck mounted carpet cleaner come by once or twice a year. Your carpet will last much longer and your home will stay cleaner.

Oh by the way. Vacuuming does not wear out your carpet, grinding dirt does that by removing the protective coating on the yarn…think Scotchgard or Stainmaster.

Maybe I should start a  “Save the Yarn” campaign.