More on installation…
If it is wood flooring you are replacing, maybe you need to step back and see if it can be refinished. You will still have big muscular guys moving things in your house, but you will save money and if you would like, can even change the color. Sometimes just a light screening will do wonders. A good salesman will help you decide. I like to bring my refinishing crew over to confirm my opinion.
If it is laminate that needs replacing, again ask yourself “Why”. An 8 MM or thicker laminate floor is fairly indestructible. Again $.99 a Sq.Ft. will not buy you a quality floor no matter what that nice lady says. After all a kid’s dish set cost more than that, and it is made from similar material.
I know that you know more than me when it comes to flooring. I don’t even watch HGTV. (I am more of a Dirty Jobs guy).
But think. If a $.99 laminate floor is any good, why are there any that cost $3 and $4 a Sq.Ft?