This is an opt- in blog and is meant to educate, entertain and sometimes baffle you.

Subjects will include what type of flooring is for you, how do I maintain my new floor, does RNB do wall tile also, and why an independent store is always less expensive than the big home improvement store.

I also would like to encourage you to email me with information on your companies. My networking mentor, Kenneth Von Hopf, of Face Time Networking (.com) and Techparamedics, says that connecting businesses is the highest form of service to the community. Let’s do it together.

Active in the Rotary100 club and the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, I have a roster of over 400 businesses that I have chatted with and a referral base of power partners in the dozens. A power partner is either someone I have hired or had a one to one meeting with. They tend to be smaller companies that will work smarter and harder for your business.

Let me know what you think.