That’s right. There are no carpet pad “upgrades” — only different cushions for different applications. There have been many questions about carpet cushion. Here are the most recent recommendations from the Carpet Cushion Council.



Carpet flooring expertly installed by RNB Flooring in the Phoenix metro areaAt RNB Flooring, we use “bonded” poly-urethane foam made from recycled and recyclable foam rubber for our residential carpet installations. The higher the density, the more resistance to crushing. But, too high a density makes for a firmer and less yielding floor that may be great for protecting your carpet but will not feel comfortable to walk  and lay on. At RNB Flooring we choose the cushion that will give you and your carpet the maximum wear  and the most comfort. After all, isn’t it my job to help you find the best solution for your project? No upgrade games, just the best flooring for your home and budget.

Commercial carpet is the opposite. Comfort is not the issue, resistance to change and wear is. After all, when was the last time you laid down on your office carpet to play with your kids? RNB Flooring recommends fiber underlayment in commercial carpet applications. It looks like a felt pad and will protect your office carpet from rolling chairs and heavy traffic. Although not specified as such, it does feel softer and will help absorb sound to make for a quieter room.

Don’t get fooled by carpet cushion “upgrade” offers. Contact RNB Flooring to get the straight scoop and a quote free of gimmicks.