What does mold look like? Assuming you have found a leak or area where moisture may be entering your home, mold may be cottony, granular, and velvety or leather like. Its color may be white, grey, brown, yellow, green or black. It should smell musty or earthy.

If you see mold and your home is dry and clean, try to clean it with a dilute solution of bleach. Generally this will take care of the problem.

Remember: If you do not have a moisture problem you probably do not have mold.

Clean and dry = No mold.

A great resource for information on green cleaning products is: http://www.epa.gov/dfe/. This link gets you to the government department that checks “green” claims. They have a searchable data base of products that meet the standards for “green”.

If you still think you have a mold problem, contact me and I will refer you to a mold remediation specialist that can isolate and remove the problem.