Example of static electricity on a circuit board

Don’t Get Shocked With The Wrong Flooring

When we were kids, rubbing a balloon on the rug until it stuck to the wall was great fun. But the same static electricity that made the balloon stay up and gave us crazy hair in the bargain is now a serious liability to high-performance electronics and manufacturing equipment. Time for a serious buzz kill.

Flooring that directs static electricity away from your expensive equipment (ESD flooring) can be installed in either new construction or in existing spaces. ESD flooring allows your staff to walk all over the flooring, whether it is in the form of carpet tiles or vinyl tiles without fear that their shoes and clothing are building up a static charge.

You may see flooring described as “anti-static,” but it can be hard to determine whether that means that the flooring has low conductivity, or if it is actually part of a static-dispersing system. True ESD flooring has conductive fibers running through it to a copper subfloor strip that carries the charge away to a safe ground.

Do you need carpet to keep noise down in your location? Carpet tiles are part of the newest generation of ESD flooring. The conductive fibers are part of the carpet and are attached to backing that attaches to the grounding strips. So your workspace keeps the electronics safe, while allowing noise levels to be reduced as well.

If static has your business’ hair standing on end, then you will be delighted to know that RNB Flooring installs StaticSmart flooring. StaticSmart comes in carpet tiles, resilient flooring, and their Nature Series luxury vinyl. Contact me to learn more about installing ESD flooring.