“Slippery When Wet” made a great rock album, but it doesn’t work well in flooring—especially for locations that see a lot of foot traffic. If your flooring, indoors or outdoors, is likely to encounter a variety of moisture conditions, as with hospitality, restaurant, or retail spaces, then you are looking for a technical flooring solution with looks that can match and enhance your brand. Crossville’s wide variety of options include tile that is specially made to address the conditions unique to wet environments.

Knowing what flooring you want to use begins with knowing how slip-resistant your choices are. This is rated in “DCOF.” Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF) is a good way to measure slipperiness of flooring, because people are in motion (dynamic movement) when they are walking, which is just pushing against the floor to move forward. The DCOF testing is done with a soapy water solution, not just a wet floor.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) updated its standard for measuring how slippery floors are (ANSI 137.1) in 2012, so there is some good data to help you to make sure that you are meeting the requirements for the flooring you are laying down. When you are considering code and local requirements for your spaces before you choose, be sure to ask the experts. RNB, your flooring professionals, has the knowledge and experience in choosing and installing floor coverings that will make you and your clients want to raise your hands. Don’t get stuck living on a prayer, contact RNB Flooring today to discuss your commercial flooring needs.