Today most retailers specify and sell the appropriate pad for your home. The only up sell we offer is for people who want a “Green” pad. These cost up to three times the cost of a standard pad, but can increase the life of your carpet by 50% and will usually extend your warranty. They add comfort without sacrificing quality. They have a little more cushiony feel to them and are 100% recyclable.
All of the larger carpet manufacturers carry some type of this pad. Some even use a soy bean based product for the scrim (The net that adds stability).

If a carpet salesperson “recommends” a pad upgrade, ask why they think you know more than the manufacturer about the type of pad needed for maximum comfort and wear. After all, isn’t that the job of the person helping you specify the best carpet for your needs. They did ask you what and where the carpet was being used, didn’t they? How many kids, dogs, husbands and neighbors will be walking on this carpet?

If you leave with one thing from my blog, it is, do not let price be your guide. Let me help you choose the best value for long term use and your money will go farther and you will get the carpet you deserve.