Maintenance & Warranties

RNB Flooring wants your floors to look good long after the installation is completed. That means regular cleaning and maintenance needs to occur. You don't have to go it alone. We have assembled links to some trusted resources to provide you with advice and guidance.

Flooring Maintenance

All floors require some maintenance. Whether it is routine cleaning, repairing accidental damage, or countering the effects of traffic wear, there is work to be done to maintain the look of your new floor for as long as you can. With that in mind, we have assembled some helpful resources to help you tackle the job.

Carpet Spot Cleaning

Carpet and Rug Institute Spot Solver Page

Carpet Cleaning and Care

Carpet and Rug Institute Basic Cleaning Page

Smart Strand Challenge

Shaw Floors Carpet Pad Information

Carpet Performance Ratings

Ceramic Tile Care

Shaw Tile and Stone Care

Mohawk Tile Care

Stone Care Products

Old Fashion Values Cleaners

Wood Floor Care

Old Fashion Values Cleaners

Shaw Hardwood Care

Laminate Floor Care

Shaw Laminate Care

Mohawk Laminate Maintenance

Carpet Safety

Carpet and Rug Institute Health and Environment Page

The Benefits of Carpets and Rugs

Manufacturer Warranties

RNB Flooring carries a wide range of flooring types in many different price ranges, but always strives to insure every product is backed by a quality manufacturer that offers a solid warranty for the product in question. Here are some examples of the warranties our manufacturers offer for their products:

Carpet Warranty

Shaw Floors Carpet Warranty

Mohawk Flooring Carpet Warranty

Hardwood Warranty

Mohawk Flooring Residential Hardwood Warranty

Mohawk Flooring Commercial Hardwood Warranty
Shaw Floors Hardwood Warranties

Laminate Warranty

Shaw Floors Laminate Warranty

Ceramic Tile Warranty

Arizona Tile Warranty