A good pad = upgrade???

This does not make sense. How can your carpet be protected from foot traffic if I don’t automatically use the best carpet pad?

Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up. First of all it is my job, not yours, to specify the pad that goes under your carpet. As with anything, there is a correct pad and an incorrect one. There is a lot of confusion about carpet pad (also known as underlayment). In recent years the Carpet Cushion Council (Yes there is a committee for everything) has devised a chart for pad that goes under your carpet. It is actually fairly simple. Floor traffic is rated in two classes for residential use.

Class 1 and Class 2.

Clever huh? They are respectively light and heavy traffic. I told you this was simple. Most of the pads you will see is rebond. This means that it is made from rubber that is either left over from various manufacturers or is recycled content that is cleaned and pressure cooked to the desired density. If you ever get a chance to tour a carpet pad facility it is pretty amazing. We actually have one here in Phoenix.

Residential Guidelines

Commercial Guidelines

More next time.