Sometimes the most common flooring solution just won’t cut it. That’s when it is especially important to call in experienced professionals to assess failing flooring. If your flooring has issues that seem to be related to something lurking below, then you definitely need to get help from the pros!

A quick and permanent solution to a busy restaurant’s problem was needed with minimal down time while staying under budget. If these were concrete stairs we would have recommended rubber treads. However, this was built with what appears to be untreated wood and the original rubber treads kept failing. We re-glued them but still they eventually became a trip hazard.

Removal of rubber flooring reveals beat up tired wooden stairs used by staff at high end steak house in the Greater Phoenix area.

Removing the slippery rubber treads

Will need to be rebuilt but we have a budget so we applied concrete boards over the old stairs. Due to high moisture in kitchen we chose not to go with rubber treads.

Stairs with the rubber treads removed

To save time and money we used exterior black paint on stairs for durability and quick cure time as the restaurant staff needed access to stairs even as we worked.

Refinished stairs

But, you say, you cannot see  black stairs although they look clean. How about….wait for it… safety strips! Genius. And fast and simple to maintain. Here is Kevin lining them up for installation.

Installing the saftey stripes

Here is Kevin again. Making sure the safety strips are straight and attractive.

Using tape to insure a straight safety stripe

Thanks to my crew, George and Kevin, for making this solution happen.

Another view of the finished stairs with safety strips

Your budget and your time are important, and we take both into account, even when solving tough flooring issues.