Wall to wall carpet must be laid down with a padding of some sort underneath it. If you don’t, the carpet pile will compact even more every time you walk over it. This will wear out the carpet and wad it up into a little hardened sheet. Also, walking on carpet laid directly over concrete, for instance, will feel more like walking on concrete directly and less like walking on some cushiony surface. Padding helps extend the life of moderately priced carpeting and makes it feel more luxurious. Carpet selection and padding selection must complement each other. Carpet padding may be rated by density or weight per cubic yard. Carpet padding can also be too thick, so choosing the right one will go a long way to extending the life of your new carpet. If the carpet is looking a bit worn or shabby or is stained, then it’s time to replace the carpet padding also. One goes along with the other, so replace the carpet and you have to replace the padding. If your flooring has suffered from a water problem then mold, of course it should be replaced as soon as you can or there may be health problems. If you have pets or young children, who may have had accidents, then you will know if you have to get new carpet and padding.

There is an exception. (Isn’t there always?).

Mohawk SmartCushionTM, our own engineered carpet cushion, adds even more comfort to your home by enhancing both the feel and performance of your already astounding Mohawk carpet. For starters, SmartCushion is made from a combination of ViscoElastic Memory foam and premium white urethane foam to produce a cushion as tremendously soft as it is durable. Additionally, the Spill Safe moisture guard keeps spills from seeping into the cushion. No more re–emerging stains; clean–up is a “one–and–done” process with SmartCushion. Plus, there’s no need to worry if spills are not treated immediately: antimicrobial additives to the moisture guard inhibits the growth of mildew, mold, and fungus. SmartCushion’s deep foam construction creates quieter, more energy efficient rooms by improving your carpet’s sound insulating qualities. Superior Insulation Value (2.1), Sound Transmission Class rating (54), and Impact Insulation Class rating (72) means a more peaceful, tranquil setting where you desire it most — the home! As a CRI Green Label product for air quality, SmartCushion is also a shining example of our mission to better the planet while improving your quality of living. Made from recycled foam trimmings, our environmentally–friendly cushion is non–allergenic and contains 90% post industrial material.

And we haven’t even begun to explain how Mohawk SmartCushion extends the life of your Mohawk carpet in the form of the ultimate warranty upgrade. We’ve got you covered figuratively and literally — SmartCushion is no exception!

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These will double the appearance warranty on any manufacturer’s carpet. There are several types of carpet padding. The recommendations of the manufacturer or dealer may help you to decide which one will work for you. Try and get the heaviest carpet cushion that you see, and waffle rubber, one type, is now much better than when it was used in the 70s and 80s. Know what you are buying if you look at urethane foam padding. This is available in different densities and thicknesses. Bonded urethane may also be called rebond carpet padding. It is one of the most popular carpet padding’s. It is composed of recycled scrap foam. Remember, though, it is your salesman’s job to make sure you get the correct padding for your carpet and usage. RNB Flooring specifies all padding so there are no “upgrades” that waste your money.