Keep in mind that in order for a store to stay open they have to make money. Why would any sane store owner sell something for less than its true value? What makes this carpet worth 30 % less today than yesterday? Also wouldn’t you be upset
if you bought the same item before the sale and you overpaid? If the carpet is worth $30 Sq.Yd. then sell it for $30 Sq.Yd.

(Secret) (Carpet mills never have sales) (Really)

There is no such thing as Stainmaster carpet. Stainmaster does not make carpet, they make carpet yarn. They do not care what I sell it for as long as I help create a demand for their yarn so they can make money. So how come you see stores offering 30% off all Stainmaster carpets? Ask them to see the letter from Stainmaster that authorized the sale.

Just kidding, don’t embarrass the sales person. It’s not their fault.

One last quick thought. I recently needed to purchase carpet from a home improvement store. Please do not try to help me by shopping there first; they have exclusive patterns and colors that we cannot get. While trying to figure out how I could make a profit on the sale I noticed they have three different costs for the carpet. Carpet only, carpet with basic pad (which the salesman could not explain why they would use an inferior pad) and an upgraded pad. My carpet pad costs $.17 Sq.Ft. The same exact pad from them was a $.42 to $.84 Sq.Ft. upgrade. Same pad, same manufacturer.

Who is cheaper now?