Everybody knows more about carpeting than the experts. Did you know that? For example, despite years of testing from the Carpet and Rug Institute and the E.P.A everybody knows that carpet causes allergies, has formaldehyde in it and can actually kill you. It is boring, dirty, and bad for the environment and causes halitosis. It is even worse than cooties.

Well. Sorry to burst your bubble, but people, people, people. Carpet captures allergens so that you can vacuum them up with your HEPA rated vacuum cleaner. There is more formaldehyde in your dress pants and drapes than have been in carpet for over the last 15 years. Even when there was formaldehyde, by the time it got to your house it had dissipated. It was only used to dry the latex backing and was flashed off before it left the carpet mill. It can kill you if you stand under the truck when we roll the carpet off. It can weigh over 1000 LBS. Move back, we got it and do not need your assistance. Thanks anyway.

Have you seen any new carpet in the last 20 years? Boring does not come to my mind and I work with the stuff every day. We have shadows, patterns, multicolor, pin dots, and even beige. There are more colors and hues than the brightest rainbow. Boring? I say nay nay. But Bear, it is so dirty. Well, maybe if you vacuumed weekly and had it professionally cleaned twice a year it would not be dirty. See, gravity wins and everything in the air and on your shoes lands on the flooring. Therefore, it needs actual cleaning despite what that nice lady in the big box store who was selling hardware last week says. Oh and how many major purchases do you make that is recyclable? Most new carpets and all of the carpets RNB Flooring sells are. Although I cannot help with the halitosis and cooties, rethink carpet. It is made in the United States, the jobs are in the United States and all the taxes stay in the United States. It’s not just good, it’s Great!