Since 2008 Mohawk has diverted more the 2 billion pounds of plastic from landfills in the manufacture of its EverStrand, EverStrand Soft Appeal and Airo carpet lines.

Last year alone, the company recycled 6.6 billion plastic bottles, enough to wrap around the planet 33 times!

To celebrate this milestone, an interactive, large-scale sculpture was built almost entirely from upcycled materials by Brooklyn-based artist Basia Goszczynska, “Overflow” represents plastic pollution in our oceans while celebrating innovative recycling technologies that help minimize our waste stream.

Commissioned by Mohawk and built using materials sourced from our recycling facility, “Overflow” incorporates the various stages of transformation that single-use PET plastic bottles undergo during our patented Continuum process: from bottles, to flakes, to pellets, to filament, and finally to EverStrand carpeting.

RNB Flooring is proud to offer Mohawk products to help all of our clients make a difference to the global environment while improving their own.