Now that we have alleviated your fears about mold and pad….


AAAAAGGGHHHH!!!!! Let the party begin!

Let’s see, you have large muscular strangers in your house, moving your furniture and family around and you think to yourself, how did this happen?
It all started when you realized that your floor covering needed replacement.
If it was carpet it was “Uglied out”. Huh? Carpet rarely wears out, that’s why you see 10, 15 or even 20 year warranties on it. “Wearing out”, in the carpet world means physically wearing away the surface fibers of the carpet. Can you see the back of the carpet? No? Then it is not worn out, it is uglied out. This is what happens when you get that carpet on sale that was normally $30 a square yard but because they liked you it was only $15. Listen; at best we get what we pay for. If you paid $15, it is worth $15. No retailer in their right mind would sell anything for less than its true value. Really.

To be continued…