First things first. What are you going to use the floor for?

  • Rental.
  • Vacation
  • Full time
  • How rough are you on floors?
  • Kids?
  • Teenagers?
  • Houseguests?
  • Husbands?
  • Is your house neighborhood central?
  • Will you do regular maintenance?
  • Do you want to do regular maintenance?
  • Maybe a hard surface is for you.
  • What color, texture, and appearance are you looking for?

Am I asking too many questions? Well, it is your money and although I cannot read your mind, I can find out your desires.


What is the most important part of a carpet sample?

The backing because that is where the lawyers put the warranty information.

How about the underlayment?

You do realize that it is my job, not yours to choose the proper pad for your carpet? Right? The manufacturer has specified the correct pad for your carpet. Of course there is a better pad. It will double your warranty. It feels great. It is three times more money than that regular pad. It is cool and you and I will be the only ones who know it is there.

Oh wait. It is UNDER your carpet. Ok only I will know it is there. Get the idea? All pad feels great when it is new. Great pad feels great when it is old. My job is to make 100% sure that your flooring will meet all your needs for as long as you need it.