RNB Flooring is proud to show off the multi-layered floor that we installed at the McDowell Mountain Marriott.

This floor is Ecore Bounce 2 , with a 2 MM layer of commercial sheet vinyl over a 5 MM rubber base. Seams are heat welded to make this beautiful floor waterproof and slip resistant. This flooring doesn’t dent like wood and can be cleaned thoroughly. It is made specifically to have the good looks that complement your design demands, with neutral color options that work in a variety of spaces. Because the surface is engineered as active-area flooring, acoustics and friction are baked in.

This is a fantastic way to get the best of both worlds for surfaces that have a complex use profile. Ecore is an improvement over standard rubber sports floor: by adding sheet vinyl to the top, the floor excels in ease of cleaning, and also looks great.

These photos and videos show careful preparation of the subfloor that makes all the difference to creating a smooth and even base for the rubber flooring to adhere to.

The first layer gives something of a gym floor style rebound to the exercise surface, an improvement in feel over laying vinyl right over concrete. 

Finished multi-layered luxury vinyl floor

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