Welcome back to the exciting world of carpet pads!

Today, let’s touch on the newest trend in padding, environmentally responsible products.

Most of the larger manufacturers are selling products that are “Green”. They divert products from our landfills, but mostly have given a financial incentive to manufacturers to become more efficient and a better neighbor. Imagine living in an area with many rubber companies (I have) and you can see/ smell what I mean.

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf of Mexico. Among the many things destroyed were the manufacturing facilities that make carpet pads. Prices increased and availability was curtailed. Out of this a change occurred in our industry. With an opportunity to rebuild, many companies choose to become environmentally sound. We all know if we had a chance to do it over we could do it better.

Most distributors no longer even carry sub-FHA padding. In years past you did not know what was under your carpet. The theory was out of sight, out of mind. And by the time you noticed that the pad had failed, did you remember where your receipts were or who sold it too you, etc?

Isn’t this suspenseful? More next time.