Although I do not do a lot of residential, luxury vinyl plank floors really make this home easy to care for and give it a great look. The same benefits and installation process applies to commercial flooring.

Because luxury vinyl plank flooring is both stylish and durable, it can be just as attractive option for residential flooring as it is for commercial spaces. The look of hardwood or stone adds texture and refinement to your home, while the inherent sturdiness of vinyl flooring keeps even your highest traffic areas from showing the wear and tear.

Leveling the floor keeps the planks from telegraphing imperfections to the surface.

First we start by leveling the concrete because if we don’t the new floor will “telegraph” through. This means that any imperfections in the substrate will eventually show on your new flooring.

Planks should be installed with seams perpendicular to the main light source.

The installer and I  will discuss direction  the flooring will go. It should have the seams perpendicular to the main light source, if not the light will bounce over them and show a small shadow.

Installation commences.

The stairs are also vinyl  plank with a stair nosing attached. We also could have added the vinyl to to the risers if desired. After install we install new wall molding to complete the look.Ta Da!

Once wall moulding the install will be complete.

When it is properly selected and installed, residential spaces can benefit from the good looks and long life that luxury vinyl plank flooring offer.