Let’s talk about buying stuff. Although my focus is on floor covering, I think this applies to any thing you may purchase.

Pet peeve.

What does “On Sale” mean? If it is 30% off today, wouldn’t you feel stupid if you bought it yesterday? Should a purchase that needs to last 10 years be based on what is on sale?

By the way… There is no such thing a sale. Everything is on sale in a retail business. That’s the rule.

But what about Stainmaster carpet on sale? Stainmaster does not make carpet, they make yarn and never tell retailers what price to charge. Never.  Honestly.

So why buy in a place that already lied to you?

Price is meaningless. I have carpet in all price ranges. Do not expect an $18 Sq.Yd. Carpet to last a life time no matter what that nice salesman said. Heck, carpeting your floor with handkerchiefs will set you back $9 a Sq.Yd.

Don’t waste your time and money on sales.

More next time.