What is my carpet supposed to look like?

New carpet? Wonder what is going on down there? The first thing you see is the top of the carpet called the pile. There are various types of pile: cut pile, loop pile, even cut and loop pile. When you bought your carpet you probably checked for a texture retention warranty; right? This is a system set up by the Carpet and Rug Institute to determine how long the carpet will last before it unravels and gets ugly. This can be found on their website, www.carpet-rug.org. But Bear, you say, I do not want my carpet to look different. I like it the way it is now. Oh dear, what can I do?

Calm down, all will be clear. No matter what quality of carpet you buy, they all require some basic maintenance. No matter what that nice lady at the discount store said you have to vacuum and clean your carpet periodically. Why? First of all you need to remove any grit that was dragged in on your shoes or your pets or even your leaking ductwork. (You forgot to call North Valley Mechanical for you $99 checkup didn’t you?)((480) 538-9184) (Ask for Kendra). Now that you have your shoes and socks off, and doesn’t that feel great, we have to worry about the oils on the bottom of your feet. And the oils from your cooking. And the oils from where your pets lie down. And … well you get the picture. First things first. Again no matter what you were told by the nice lady, think. Of course you have to clean your carpet. Dirty carpet clumps and crushes and is really icky. Crushing is the loss of pile thickness because of foot traffic. Crushing is not considered a manufacturing defect unless it is specifically cited in the manufacturer’s warranty. Regular vacuuming will help reduce crushing that result from traffic. Some carpet cleaning professionals also periodically use a “pile lifter” before, as well as a “grooming rake” after extraction cleaning carpet.

So get your carpet cleaned by a reputable company that uses truck mounted equipment so they can get the water hot enough and pressure strong enough to prevent the stains from coming back. And no, you cannot do it yourself.The machines are not powerful enough. Wow, that lady isn’t so nice after all is she?

Use of furniture gliders or cups under the legs of the heavy pieces can help minimize the indentations; or move your furniture a few inches backward or sideways from time to time so that the weight is not concentrated in one place. To also remedy depressions, work the carpet pile back into place with your fingertips or the edge of a spoon, dampen the area and heat it with a hair dryer, working the fibers with your fingers or a spoon. Proper maintenance will make your floors last longer, look better and help maintain the health of your home.