Allergies Part 2

Carpet, carpet pads, and carpet adhesives contribute to green building in two important ways. By helping reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and emissions, and contributing to the growing use of recycled content for building materials.

This means no formaldehyde, no dangerous solvents and no “off-gassing” In fact the only way that carpet may be dangerous is if you are underneath it when we roll it off the truck. (Not recommended).

Later I will deal with formaldehyde in flooring, but for now a quick primer…

Formaldehyde is used to make glue and finishes dry faster. Carpet, laminate, and wood flooring is produced in huge quantities. As they are put together, the faster the adhesive or finish dries, the more products that can be produced in a set time. Formaldehyde expedites the drying process by quickly (but not completely) evaporating. Unfortunately, it is the “Not completely”, part that is the danger.

Most USA manufacturers do not make their flooring with formaldehyde. Instead, they use a more expensive process to comply with EPA rules. Foreign countries do not have as strong of an environmental program as we do, so you may still have some formaldehyde in your products off-gassing in your home. THIS IS BAD. Really. Check your products for an EPA safe sticker before allowing them in your home.