1. Beware Offers of Generous Discounts
Some retailers inflate the “normal selling price” so that their discounts appear more generous than they really are.
If the offer appears too good to be true – it is!!!

2. Obtain a Written Quotation
Before you place the order (especially if you are asked to leave a deposit!)

3. Make Sure Your Deposit is Protected
By using a retailer with a deposit protection scheme or paying it by a credit card.

4. Beware Hidden Charges
That are added on without explanation e.g. delivery charges, waste removal, furniture moving etc.

5. Ask About Cancellation Rights
Which might apply should your circumstances change.

6. What Happens if Things Go Wrong?
Make sure the retailer will sort things our on your behalf. Is there a procedure for dealing with complaints e.g. Conciliation and low-cost Arbitration?

7. If you buy carpet with known minor defects i.e. ‘seconds’
What are your product liability rights?

8. Pay by Credit Card wherever possible!

9. Insurance claims
If you are making an insurance claim, don’t get shoehorned into using the retailer selected by your insurance company.
Use the retailer you want to use – you can.

Remember to ask any questions you have, before you hand over a deposit. It is your money and this is a very large purchase. A great idea is to take a few days and think first.